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For most of our customers, purchasing an aircraft is not a recurring event. While the process to acquire an aircraft is straight forward, accessing specific markets you may be shopping is complex. While you may not be considering a new aircraft, new aircraft prices, and current inventory of new aircraft can have a significant impact on the used aircraft you are buying. We understand these complexities, and make sure your view of the market takes these factors in to account. The result can save you a lot of money or even point you to a different market than you were originally considering.

We have the experience in all aspects of buying, maintaining, owning and flying GA aircraft (including owner flown jets) – so once the transaction is done, OCR Aviation will be there to ensure not only the acquisition is smooth but also that you are well prepared for ownership.

OCR Aviation develops a plan for your budget

ESTABLISH YOUR MISSION. We start by listening to your needs and then developing a strategic plan to accomplish those objectives and goals in a time frame and budget that aligns with your comfort level. After learning about your needs OCR Aviation will pinpoint the “best fit” aircraft that exemplifies your mission profile.

we handle all contracts, inspections, and flight tests

PURCHASE THE AIRCRAFT. After we have pinpointed an aircraft that fits your mission profile and budget we move on to the purchasing stage. At this point we handle all the laborious negotiations, contracts, pre-purchase inspections and flight tests. Once we have made sure the aircraft meets your exact requirements and passes all inspections we assist in acceptance and delivery details. Partnering with OCR in the acquisition process will provide the peace of mind you deserve.

FLY YOUR AIRPLANE. We are pilots and instructors and have extensive experience in the owner flow market. We can provide real world training and walk you through every step of entering your aircraft into service. With our help you will experience the comfort of training in your own airplane at your own pace.

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