OCR and PAC Combine to form a Full Service General Aviation Company
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OCR Aviation is undisputed as one of the most successful Authorized Cessna Dealership and broker organizations in the United States. We are proud of our accomplishments, and the people who make them happen

Rich Manor and Brian Mackin have been working together for 10 years, and have over 40 years of combined experience in the business. Our goal is to offer comprehensive, professional consulting and management of every aircraft deal we do.

RICH MANOR  President


Rich Manor is President of Pacific Air Center

Rich has been around airplanes and flying for most of his life. He is an Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor/Instrument/Multi- Engine. Rich is approaching 10,000 hours of flying experience over his 30+ years as a pilot – all in General Aviation aircraft. Rich has flown over 60 different aircraft types and regularly flies the most popular general aviation aircraft. He is type rated in the Citation Mustang, Citation CJ Series/M2/CJ3+, and has SIC ratings in the Citation X and Citation Sovereign. He is current in all propeller driven Cessna, Cirrus, Piper Malibu/Mirage, TBM 850 and Beechcraft Bonanza’s and Barons - all of which he is qualified to train customers in. Rich is also a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP). He has a degree in Economics from Kansas University. Rich, and his wife Lori have four kids.

BRIAN MACKIN  Vice President

Brian Mackin is Vice President of Pacific Air Center

As a graduate of the University of Arizona, Brian brings with him over 20 years of business, marketing & consulting experience. He first began his career in the financial services industry. However, in 2004 he changed his path to pursue an underlying passion for aviation and began his career in Aircraft Sales. His relationships with numerous aircraft manufacturers, knowledge of technologically advanced aircraft, and a large network of resources, Brian has become a great asset to our team. He makes every effort to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for every client. In his free time, he enjoys taking to the skies and water with his wife, Lauren, and two children.